The Fatbike Frozen Forty is a 20-ish (2 laps), 30-ish (3 laps), and 40-ish (4 laps)** mile fatbike race that offers racers a great mid-winter challenge on a course composed of 100% groomed singletrack. Racers can choose to race in the men’s or women’s solo 2 lap, 3 lap, or 4 lap options.

***BONUS OPTION*** – 10 lucky, frozen souls will be in it to race 10 full laps of Elm Creek. That’s well over 100 miles. Start early, finish late. Limited to 10. There will be big awards to those finishing 10 laps in under 12 hours.

** “ish” – if you’re worried about the extra distance, you should consider it more time and distance for your money. It’s all about your perspective.